ARC Associations- Civil Engineers Association

Initially the Technical Association is under the name of Civilize Students, for that in 2017 the name of the ARC AssociationsAssociation. This association is rising under the guidance of the chairman Prof.B.Satayanarayana, the HOD-CE. Every year this function is organizing technical seminars among intra department and inter department by the students of third year guided by the staff co-ordinator Mr.A.Sudheer. All the Students from all the years actively participate by extending their full support. In this function the Management extends their helping hand in the form of Medals ,Merit Certificates and support. The Association activities give wide scope and perpetual inspiration to the all-round development of students in CE conducting career development programs, Seminars, Quiz, Industrial Visits, Paper Contests, Group Discussions, Guest Lectures, Career Guidance sessions and games to enhance interpersonal and intrapersonal skills of students. Theassociation activities provide knowledge of present technologies development, advancement, etc. in Department of Civil Engineering.